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XPRT is the governance token of the Persistence chain and can also be referred to as the backbone of Persistence.one ecosystem

What’s Persistence.one?

Persistence is a Cosmos-based interoperable blockchain convention that has been worked to give away to Defi for traditional financiers from various fragments of economics, driven by its native token XPRT.

XPRT holders can stake their XPRT tokens on the mainnet to passively earn more XPRT, delegating them to a trustful validator. XPRT was launched early this year and became is tradable on April 1st, 2021, and could be purchased on markets that are indicated at Coinmarketcap and these: Osmosis, Gate.io, Huobi global, Kucoin, and Ascendex.

Role of XPRT token

The XPRT token conveys an assortment of utilization cases inside the Persistence environment, including administration of the Persistence main chain, taking part in staking to add to organize security and its job as a work token.

XPRT token holders are also allowed to participate in the protocol’s governance by giving recommendations and deciding on different factors which will affect the more extensive Persistence ecosystem.

Staking of XPRT token

Persistence has been able to onboard some of the world’s top validators, distributed globally. Holders of XPRT tokens can delegate their tokens to Persistence’s network validators for staking. Stakers will receive rewards in the form of XPRT in return for contributing to the security of the network.

Where can XPRT token be Staked?

As of now, XPRT token can be Staked on:

Persistence web wallet and Keplr wallet



Staking on Persistence Web wallet and Keplr wallet

After setting up your Persistence web wallet.

Add [keplr wallet](https://wallet.keplr.app/) to your browser extension

On the Keplr web page, you are to select “Create New Account” if you have no account but in a situation that already have a Keplr wallet, “Import Existing Account” should be chosen.

Next time is to copy and save the unique mnemonic phrase generated by the system.

Note: Losing this phrase is as good as losing one’s wallet. So the mnemonic phrase should be kept and backup in a safe environment.

Go to https://wallet.persistence.one/, select “Import an existing wallet”, and select “Use Keplr”.

And approve all necessary transactions between https://wallet.keplr.app/ and https://wallet.persistence.one/

The next step is staking which can be done by clicking the staking icon located at the top left corner of the dashboard.

Intending stakers are to use the delegate option and input the amount of XPRT tokens they wish to stake. NOTE: A small amount of XPRT should be kept got transaction fee

Huobi Pool

Huobi pool for staking XPRT tokens was launched on October 11, 2021.

Users that wish to stake their XPRT tokens can on Huobi do so here


Ascendex Staking.

Users can stake on Ascendex through [here](https://ascendex.com/en/staking/investment-product-details/XPRT-S)

Note: The minimum delegation amount is 100 XPRT,Minimum undelegation amount:100 XPRT

In Conclusion;

Persistence.one is working to get more staking options for its users and also providing utilities as a bright between traditional finance and decentralized financial system



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