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Router protocol Galaxy Farm 2 is live and its not too late to join the fun


Polygon and Router collaborates with leading crypto projects to allow instant, gasless trading and farming for Defi, in light of the Ethereum costs and the high friction associated with L1., a working AMM-based DEX on Polygon, is the first node of the Router Protocol, which is developing a cross-chain liquidity protocol (Previously Matic). This yield farm will be built on the, which means that projects and participants will need to add liquidity to the in order to participate in the L2 GalaxyFarm, which will bring gasless farming to this ecosystem.

In the cross-project farming experiment, projects from the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems will participate in GalaxyFarm to reward their societies.

The unique feature of these farms is that users will be able to stake only one LP pair while simultaneously earning prizes in 11 different tokens. Staking ROUTE, for example, will earn the user tokens from ROUTE, Nord Finance, Frontier, Glitch Protocol, IGGalaxy, Stater Finance, MantraDAO, Razor Network, Coreto, Union Finance, and Rage. At the same time, you can get fan tokens. The prizes will be allocated in a proportional manner. For eg, a reward of $100 would include $10 from ROUTE as well as $10 from Participant A, $10 from Participant B, and so on.

About The Projects involved


Router Protocol is a crosschain-liquidity aggregator platform that was built to seamlessly provide bridging infrastructure between current and emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain solutions. The goal is to enable users to swap their assets from different networks seamlessly in a near-instant and low-cost manner

Nord Finance

Nord Finance is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem designed to simplify DeFi investing by bringing key features of traditional finance to the DeFi ecosystem.

Razor Network

Razor Network is a decentralized oracle network, which connects smart contracts with real-world off-chain data in a fast, robust and secure way. The core of Razor Network is a set of smart contracts that can run on any Ethereum compatible blockchain. Razor network is blockchain agnostic and will be integrated with multiple blockchains.


Rage.Fan is a fan-first decentralized sports platform. Rage Fan is built on the Binance platform and blockchain technology. The platform aims to create a transparent system where the user decisions and teams are etched in smart contracts. Systems can’t manipulate the outcome. The Rage.Fan platform brings in both the online sports format of fantasy sports and predictions markets in the same portal. Users can access subsequently and play via web and mobile platforms.


MANTRA DAO is a decentralized finance platform with a specific focus on staking, lending and decentralized governance. The project is being built on the blockchain RioChain and will be connected with Polkadot. It is intended to act as an ecosystem for Web 3.0.


Frontier is a Chain Agnostic DeFi Aggregation layer. Using Frontier, Users can Track and Manage DeFi positions, Stake Assets, Swap or Exchange Assets and explore more DeFi Applications in one single place. Frontier is also building Frontier chain, which is a Decentralised Key Management blockchain based on Cosmos SDK.

Glitch Protocol

Glitch is a Hong Kong based Blockchain startup building a blockchain agnostic protocol, purpose-built to facilitate trust-less money markets.


Coreto is a reputation-based social platform that bridges the interaction between projects, retail Investors, traders & much more, all based on a comprehensive trust system.

Stater Finance

Stater is an open-source peer-to-peer lending platform for NFT assets.

Union Finance

UNION is a technology platform that combines bundled protection and a liquid secondary market with a multi-token model. DeFi participants manage their multi-layer risks across smart contracts and protocols in one scalable system. UNION decreases the barriers to entry for retail users and lays the foundation for institutional investors.


IGGalaxy is a next-gen social competitive gaming and esports platform, powered by the Polygon (previously Matic) network.





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