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Mogul project was set up in 2019, is a blockchain-based film agent and creation organization with a presence in Canada, the United States of America, and Europe.

The Mogul platform interfaces patrons, entertainment world experts, and fans through innovation that permits all users to draw in and partake with each undertaking all through their whole lifecycle, from financing through to creation and distribution.

Mogul creates room for a decentralized film financing system that gives everyone a voice in the filmmaking process. It fostered the main consistent association model to bring Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to the film industry.

Mogul is a community represented model that keeps up supply while assigning income, and giving consistent liquidity to members.

Mogul utilizes bonding curves(a numerical curve that characterizes a connection among cost and token supply) and decentralized, independent smart contract to give dynamic pricing liquidity and more.

Other Features Of Mogul

Smart Voting

Here voting by users is base on stakes, that is only users that have staked tokens on the platform can vote.

This quadratic Voting is set up to boost clients to decide on films and make administrative recommendations reasonably. To project votes, clients should stake tokens. To prepare for unnecessary impact from enormous symbolic holders, all votes are tallied utilizing a recipe that makes each vote exponentially more costly to project.

Mogul Rewards

Like every other platform, Mogul has a reward system. Wallet

Prizes, access, governance, and in-application cash program intended to carry DeFi(decentralized finance) to the entertainment world. In light of blockchain, the program is instinctive, financially savvy, identifiable and auditable, and promote commitment and dynamic interest in the Mogul environment

Mogul made its Beta launch on April 15 2020 and more unique features were added to the Beta launch

Users are allowed to make and submit their film projects/ideas for evaluation by Mogul’s team.

Users can create a profile and link it to their social media channels.

•Users can engage with one another in the community by creating a post and engaging conversation through questions and answers.


Every user that signs up on Mogul instantly gets their blockchain smart wallet generated for them accessible encrypted password.

The Mogul Smart Wallet is storage of rewards, funds, and digital assets.

Magnate Smart Wallet eliminates the migraine of long seed phrases, understanding the language in outsider Web 3 interfaces, and the careful confirmation of a twenty-something digit long crypto address.

On the front end, the Mogul Smart Wallet has a high user configuration like conventional versatile applications that clients are utilized to. Nonetheless, on the backend, Mogul’s improvement group has made a consistent, blockchain-based application that our clients who are not educated will work with no experience.


Moguls is working on creating more facilities to promote filming alongside utilizing the blockchain system. It’s doing by making partnerships with momentum projects such as its recent partnership with NFTY labs that took place May 2021.



Wisdom Oguzie