It was a great month for MATIC NETWORK and here is an article on the Partnership events that took place with Matic Network

Matic welcomes CargoX, an award winning blockchain-powered document transfer solution, into the Matic ecosystem!

CargoX is a pioneer within the blockchain world with a focus on revolutionizing supply chains. Their upgraded platform facilitates Blockchain Document Transfers (BDT) and has been approved by one of the shipping industry's most important organizations, the International Group of Protection & Indemnity Clubs, which insures 90% of the world's ocean-going cargo.

The CargoX team has decided to utilize the Matic mainnet for immediate document transaction validation, while preserving all the original Ethereum Layer 1 network functionalities within the solution. Now CargoX will no longer have to worry about the slow transaction times or fluctuating fees of the Ethereum mainnet due to network congestion.

Read more about the collaboration here:

Decentraland NFT wearables live on Matic Network! Minting and trading of wearables will be powered by Matic’s high-speed, low-fee infrastructure

Decentraland wearables enable players to customize the appearance of their avatars, allowing users to express themselves and make their avatars more unique. Wearables come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from hats, boots and masks, to full on fancy dress costumes. All wearables are NFTs which are currently minted and traded on Ethereum

Wearables minting and trading will be powered by Matic Network! By minting these NFTs on Matic, Decentraland users will be able to trade wearables at lightning-fast speeds with close-to-zero gas fees via the Decentraland Marketplace.

Decentraland has a Layer 1 DAO which allows community members to vote and make decisions from basic signaling to executing an on-chain action. The DAO governs protocol parameters of all smart contracts which use MANA. This will include the wearables-focused smart contracts coming to Matic Network

Learn about how the DAO on L1 will govern the wearables-focused contracts on Matic:

Check out the current range of wearables on Decentraland’s marketplace here:

MATIC welcomes Distributed Town (DiTo) to the Matic ecosystem: Bringing DAOs to Matic Network

DistributedTown aims to be the new standard in Collaborative Economics. It's building a network of interconnected, self-sovereign communities (DAOs)

Anyone will be able to join a DAO or create their own. These communities will be based on DiTo, a non-speculative mutual credit system, and Skill Wallet, a universal, pseudonymous ID based on skills rather than personal data

Core value

1️⃣ Self-organization and sustainability

2️⃣ Skills as a currency

3️⃣ Collective autonomy (inter-independency)

By onboarding to Matic, DiTo will be provided with the high-performance infrastructure to be able to achieve their mission of facilitating the creation of an ecosystem of easy-to-use DAOs with an intuitive UX, thus encouraging widespread adoption

For more information of DiTo’s mission, read here:

The MATIC-USD spot market is now live on the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, FTX

Featuring free withdrawals, low fees and tight spreads, FTX will enable access to $MATIC for a greater number of people across the world.

Start trading:

Another DeFi + NFT innovator joins hands with Matic! Strain NFTs to utilize Matic to power their DeFi-staked NFT ecosystem

Born at the recent Matic-supported Untitled NFT Hackathon, Strain offers a fun way to participate in a DeFi-staked NFT collectible ecosystem. Users can upgrade and breed yield-generating NFTs which are powered by staked UNI-V2 LP token

Matic is empowering Strain via a recent partnership grant to continue building their infrastructure on the Matic mainnet. Get ready for increased Strain NFT functionality! For example, Strain NFTs will be able to visit other external virtual game worlds like Decentraland

It's exciting to see BUIDLers on the cutting-edge of the emerging worlds of DeFi & NFTs continue to choose Matic to power their innovative solution

To learn more about Strain and help shape its future by voting in the StrainSuperDAO, visit their site here:

Bella Protocol onboardes to Matic to power their DeFi product suite

Bella Protocol provides a suite of DeFi products which aim to simplify crypto banking. Think of Bella as the ‘BlackRock for DeFi wealth management’

Being Binance’s first launchpool project, Bella’s DeFi suite allows users to simply deposit their assets and enjoy high yield from sophisticated arbitrage strategies. The Bella product suite also includes Bella Liquidity Mining, Flex Savings, and Lending

Seamless DeFi interaction lies at the core of the Bella team’s mission. To this end, Bella not only provides a 1-click design, but is also onboarding to Matic to take advantage of the high-performance scaling infrastructure. In doing so, Bella is able to overcome the high fees, slow speeds and improve UX of DeFi protocols on the Ethereum mainchain, thereby providing a comprehensive DeFi experience second to none

Bella’s core team consists of serial entrepreneurs and blockchain veterans who have extensive experience and proven track record in finance, cryptography, blockchain, and engineering. The Bella team has been DeFi trailblazers since November 2019, supporting liquidity in various DEXs and lending protocols. They’re now utilizing their expertise to reimagine the DeFi experience, powered by Matic

Learn more about Bella Protocol:

ZED RUN, next-gen digital horse racing platform, is now live on the Matic mainnet

ZED is a first-of-its-kind provably fair digital horse racing/betting game powered by blockchain. Hundreds of users are creating their legacy by buying, breeding & racing digital thoroughbreds on ZED

Racing is only part of the equation. Players can choose to hold or breed their racehorses and still play an important role in the ecosystem whilst generating a profit for their effort

By using Plasma, Matic Network provides cheaper transactions at breakneck speeds with the same level of security as Ethereum. ZED users are therefore now being empowered with a seamless and secure racing experience, powered by Matic

Create your free Stable and start building your legacy on ZED RUN now:

Matic partners with Mysterium Network

Faster, cheaper transactions for dVPN users and node runner

Matic announced that they will be working with Mysterium Network to bring faster, cheaper transactions for dVPN users and node runners!

Account registration and top-ups will be on the sidechain instead of Ethereum Blockchain where we will power P2P payments for this world-class dVPN

Want early access to this one of a kind dApp? Download while it’s still free to use and teleport around the world, without leaving your house.

Matic collaborates with Opu Labs

Bringing Scalable & Secure Blockchain Transactions to the Healthcare Industry Alongside Opu Labs

Matic collaborates with Opu Labs to transform the healthcare industry via blockchain. Opu empowers patients, researchers, manufacturers & medical professionals with the ability to manage & monetize private and secure medical data.

Opu Labs’ value-driven ecosystem is underpinned by its native token, the Opu Coin (OPU), which benefits medical and solution professionals while empowering patients with complete control over their health data. Opu Coin is now live on the Matic mainnet.

Digital payments, data sharing, and privacy related transactions within the Opu ecosystem can now be conducted at lightning-fast speeds with negligible gas fees. Further, Matic's infrastructure is capable of facilitating widespread adoption of Opu's solutions.

This is only the beginning of the collaboration; Opu's integration with Matic now makes a wide variety of blockchain-enabled applications in the healthcare space possible. The Matic and Opu teams are working closely together to bring the benefits of blockchain to the healthcare industry on a larger scale.

By enabling a balanced economy in which all parties benefit from the sharing of data, OPU aims to become a standard means of exchange for data within the healthcare industry. Matic is providing the high-performance infrastructure to make this a reality.

Read more about the collaboration here:

Proton Gaming - the world's first community esports team, is live on Matic!

Proton Gaming, owned by LimeJuiceGroup is bringing its own digital currency $PRO and the $JUICE token to Matic's Layer 2, joining matic already expansive gaming family.

Proton Gaming and LimeJuice will be hosting and sponsoring tournaments, creating pro leagues and so much more!

Learn more about this exciting collaboration:

Matic Welcomes Creol as a top-tier carbon neutral validator helping to establish a secure network for the Matic ecosystem and a create greener planet

Creol is a project Powered By Matic which is focused on empowering people and businesses to be able to lower their impact on the planet. They justoffer subscription and one-off carbon offset solutions to enable businesses or individuals to reduce their carbon footprint.

By joining Matic as a mainnet validator, Creol is now contributing vital infrastructure to validate transactions on Matic. They're making all transactions through their node carbon neutral, thereby helping to ensure a robust network for Creol themselves, and for the rest of our growing ecosystem of 70+ DApps, whilst creating a greener planet for us all.

Find out more about the mission on their website and how they are making their validation node carbon neutral here:




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