InvArch Whitepaper

The goal of the InvArch Whitepaper is to present an overview of the vision and development goals that can be pursued, as well as proof that these goals are feasible and significant.

The InvArch Whitepaper contains the protocol’s design as well as suggestions and actions that could be made to improve the network. As a result, we believe that by removing trust barriers with blockchain technology and offering a network that serves as a doorway to better utilizing this new technology, innovations will be able to go forward at physically remarkable speeds.

InvArch is a decentralized development and tokenization network for intellectual property. Unlike previous Blockchains, which concentrated on investment finance services and the tokenization of physical asset classes, this one will focus on physical asset tokenization. Instead of individuals leveraging skills and employers offering a salary in a job application, users can leverage skills and offer equity in a venture opportunity through InvArch, which is a hybrid of a professional networking platform and a variation of an intellectual property authenticator.

The InvArch blockchain and platform are also constructed using the Substrate development framework and the Rust programming language. These decisions are being made with the goal of deploying the InvArch blockchain to the Polkadot network’s multi-chain ecosystem and parachain relay. Parachain is an application-specific data structure that is universally coherent and validatable by the Chain validators, for your information.

InvArch Tokenomics

The VARCH coin is the InvArch network’s native token. Many essential operations on the chain require it, including paying gas fees, participating in on-chain governance, minting intellectual property sets, and creating decentralized businesses.

1 billion VARCH tokens will be issued at first. The target yearly inflation rate for InvArch is 5%. VARCH has an unbounded token supply, as is needed, and the VARCH tokens will be distributed as follows: 10 percent (100,000,000 VARCH), 5 percent (50,000,000 VARCH), 20 percent (200,000,000 VARCH), 0.5 percent (5,000,000 VARCH), 15.5 percent (155,000,000 VARCH), protocol development: 10 percent (100,000,000 VARCH), treasury: 5.5 percent (55,000,000 VARCH), liquidity programs: 5 percent (50,000,000 VARCH), developer incentive: 4.5 percent (45,000,000 VARCH), ecosystem & community growth: 15.5 percent (155,000,000 VARC (50,000,000 VARCH).

Seed capital is subject to a 24-month vesting schedule, with a 3-month cliff in the first three months and equal vesting in months four through twenty-four.

Strategic funding: A 12-month vesting schedule with a 2-month cliff and equal vesting in months 3–12 is in place.

Reserve for parachain bonds: Tokens for parachain bonds.

Tokens for protocol development and other programs that will be utilized by the InvArch network.

Funds committed to ambassador programs and other community efforts will help to strengthen the ecosystem.

Tokens for liquidity initiatives are used to stimulate growth and adoption on InvArch. This funding will aid in the acceleration of activities in the InvArch ecosystem.

To mint an intellectual property token, a user will provide various predetermined data fields. When you upload an idea or file, a version is mapped to the token that lives on the blockchain and it can’t be touched or altered.

InvArch has also identified a basic design and discussed its strengths and limitations accordingly, we have further directions which may further utility and erase those limitations and yield further ground towards a truly decentralized innovation ecosystem.








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