Injective Dapps Updates

Wisdom Oguzie
2 min readAug 21


With the release of Helix Swap, users can now seamlessly convert assets across various markets with a simple click. This groundbreaking feature streamlines asset exchange across multiple markets through a single, straightforward transaction.

This upgrade elevates Helix’s trading experience to a new realm of simplicity, enabling the smooth execution of multiple transactions simultaneously. Swift trade execution empowers users to seize opportunities without delay, all while leveraging Injective’s on-chain orderbook module. This module ensures rapid, cost-effective, and transparent transactions for all users.

Furthermore, Helix introduces fee delegation support for all Cosmos wallets, such as Keplr, Leap, and Cosmostation, creating a completely gasless trading environment that enhances user convenience.

Incentivized Testnet Launch by Black Panther

Injective’s asset management protocol, Black Panther, achieves a significant milestone with the launch of its incentivized testnet. Securing the third-place position in the Injective hackathon, Black Panther’s testnet introduces intelligent vaults that enable users to effortlessly profit from yield opportunities with a simple click.

Diverging from traditional yield protocols centred on auto-compounding, Black Panther presents dynamic trading strategies like grid trading and trend following, providing users with a fresh source of alpha.

The incentivized testnet, themed “Injective in Borderland,” offers an engaging environment for users to earn rewards. Through a series of games, participants accumulate rewards using a point system. Discord roles acquisition and engagement in challenges like “Challenge 1 King of Spades” and “Challenge 2 King of Clubs” accrue points, unlocking exciting opportunities.

Mito’s Closed Testnet Update

Mito, a suite of automated trading vaults powered by Web3 smart contracts, remains in its closed testnet phase, accessible exclusively to Ninja Pass holders. Since its official launch in June, Mito has continued to expand its array of strategy vaults on testnet, including $ATOM, $INJ, $WETH, and $USDC stablecoin vaults.

Additionally, Mito Swap launches, allowing users to swiftly swap assets using a simplified interface boasting rapid transaction speeds and minimal fees.

With over 50,000 users on an early access whitelist, Mito’s imminent expansion is inevitable, opening doors for more users to participate in testing this highly anticipated project.

Stay updated on Mito by following their Twitter account.

Hydro Protocol Introduces Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) on Injective

Injective’s DeFi offerings diversify as Hydro Protocol, the first native liquid staking derivatives protocol on the platform, prepares for its launch by September 2023. This dApp introduces a platform comprising three core components: liquid staking derivatives, farming, and auto-compounding.

Hydro Protocol’s liquid staking derivatives empower community members to stake INJ and mint hINJ (liquid INJ) tokens on a 1:1 basis, enabling rewards accumulation and the deployment of hINJ on other protocols for additional returns.



Wisdom Oguzie