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2 min readSep 5, 2020

Defi "Decentralised finance" is a crypto system that involves financial apps designed on leading blockchain platforms.
It uses Blockchain technology to replace and run financial services with program codes, therefore maximizing the efficiency of financial services and minimizing costs.
Defi is important as it uses program code to control it's activities from borrowing , staking , lending , depositing e.t.c .

Services offered on Defi

With the decentralisation of the financial service it makes things easier and transparent. The use smart contracts also reduces risk.

  • Lending and borrowing : DeFi services supports lending and borrowing and this allows investors to earn interest from giving out their assets and gaining from it instead of it to be with them and earning nothing .
  • Staking : This is the process of validating transaction on a proof -of-stake (Pos) holders of a required balance of a specific asset (cryptocurrency ) can validate transactions and earn rewards It shows you believe in a project .
  • Trading : This is the process of buying selling of digital asset on the defi system or bartering an asset for another asset .

But not all platforms offer all this defi services well but here is the news with equilibrium you can have all defi services summer up in one .


Equilibrium is introducing a cross-chain money market that combines pooled lending with synthetic asset generation and trading.

All DeFi united in one place with Equilibrium you can:

Lend : All main crypto asset EQ Token

Borrow : All main crypto assets decentralised stablecoin synthetic assets

Trade : All main crypto assets decentralised stablecoin synthetic assets EQ Token

Stake : Pos and Dpos crypto asset EQ Token

- Equilibrium will be cross-chain interoperable $EOS, $BTC, $ETH, $TRN, $XPR

- Built on Polkadot - scalable, secure, interoperable

- Maximum liquidity - solving DeFi’s chronic liquidity issues
- Essential DeFi use cases in a one-stop-shop

- Convenient user interfax to manage all your DeFi activities across platforms

- A lower level of minimum over-collateralization 110%

- Built-in cross-chain DEX

- Three step proactively ensured liquidity and system stability

What sets Equilibrium apart

  • All main DeFi use cases on one easy interface
  • Polkadot bridges provide trustless cross-chain interoperability
  • Highest possible liquidity
    Solving chronic DeFi issue via attracting institutional clients on multiple platforms
  • Liquidity ensured against debt default in adverse markets

Visit http://equilibrium.io for more information







Wisdom Oguzie