Epik Protocol: An Aid for AI research through Blockchain Ingenuity

Wisdom Oguzie
3 min readAug 14, 2021


Blockchain technology has surpassed the time where it was used majorly for just transactions. Nowadays, there has been instances where the technology is applied to other sectors like health, agriculture and even business enterprises. This is a project that developers has classified to be part of decentralized finance with other technologies to follow.

The latest application for blockchain optimization has started going towards decentralized storage. Decentralized storages are mostly underutilized with little valuable data stored in them. In order to take advantage of these facilities, Epik is looking at solving the data problem of the Artificial Intelligence industry. The AI industry has suffered greatly from seeking valuable data that will aid the development of their knowledge graph for machine cognizance.

What is Epik Protocol?

Epik Protocol is a decentralized platform solution that seeks to provide valuable AI data for improving structures for AI using knowledge graph. The goal of the Epik platform is to ensure that there is a valued usage for decentralized storage in a manner that will benefit the development of Artificial intelligence and ingenuity. The data will be collected from willing users of the platform in a way that will engage them in different versions of knowledge graph.

How will the Epik AI Data be gotten?

The Epik platform is launching their knowledge mainland app which is an application that was developed in the form of a game. The game will have different buildings through which users can play in. The users will be presented with questions that will encompass the genre of knowledge graph that any user is conversant in. The data that is gotten from the users are ranked according to how valuable they are and then aggregated by the Epik nodes.

Aggregated data from the nodes are then stored as AI data which the Epik platform will store up in various decentralized storages from the different users. Every user that participated in the knowledge mainland app game are compensated with EPK tokens on a daily basis. These tokens are used to acknowledge that a particular user have provided enough valuable data that they can use as AI data. The data that is stored and aggregated by Epik can now be accessed by various AI industries at reduced fees. The goal is to use blockchain technology and ingenuity and improve the effectiveness of machine cognizance in a way that develops artificial intelligence.

What Makes Epik Protocol Unique

Epik protocol is one of the many blockchain platforms that has been developed to offer valuable data for commercial and private usage. What differentiates it from others is that it’s user oriented and offers better in a way that can be transferred easily to machine systems. Another characteristic of Epik protocol is that they are making ways for terabytes of valuable data that will revolutionize AI and other machine systems across the globe.

The EPK Token and Epik Nodes

Epik protocol has the EPK tokens which is a decentralized token that powers its blockchain. The token is used for transaction, payment and governance roles. The platform is launching their testnet 5.0 through which any of their users can become part of their nodes to ensure its longevity.

In Conclusion

The journey is still a long one but I believe that decentralization is the future of most of the world’s systems. The Epik protocol will be a revolutionary platform for AI development through blockchain technology.



Wisdom Oguzie