Dear Community,

The past week has been fruitful as we formalized two partnerships with Matic & Elrond. Our community has been extremely excited and supportive in our March to Mainnet campaign.

Security is the biggest concern in our phased approach. We are working with Cosmos to be the first chain to use their latest version. With that, Cosmos has requested us to wait a few days to ensure everything is in top shape. We need to push live staking for about one week. Early next week we can give a more accurate date. As we are all working on emerging tech, we want to make sure all your assets are safe.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding! Meanwhile, check out our staking economics design we just released!

Release of Bluzelle Staking Economics

Bluzelle's staking rewards are designed for three objectives:
❤️ Encourage loyalty
💹 Encourage tenure
💎 Encourage larger stakes

Those that stake with Bluzelle can retrieve up to 25% APY📈, depending on the time they come in, and the ratio of tokens staked in the whole ecosystem.

▶️Check out more details:

In addition, we will host a community AMA early next week about the token economics so that everyone has the chance to understand more about the innovative design and ask questions. Stay tuned!




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