Bluzelle bagged another partnership and this time around its with polkadot . the flagship project of the Web3 Foundation (W3F) that is building a scalable, interoperable & secure network protocol for cross-chain applications.

Defi is increasing and developing and it needs a good system to accommodate this growth. A system that’s suitable and can store and protect the data of Defi DApps in a secured and highly scalable manner.
Bluzelle Oracle will as well power Defi projects built on polkadot . As defi grows, Bluzelle’s infrastructure services play a big role.
Data storage and safety has been a major obstacle to the growth of most system with Bluzelle polkadot got nothing to worry about as the System protects Data from intruders and data breaches . And also stores this data in a highly scalable and secured manner . Bluzelle will provide distributed storage capabilities to projects building on Polkadot’s Substrate framework .

Bluzelle’s architecture aligns with that of Polkadot, freeing developers to launch new parachains while retaining access to a reliable data network. In addition, Bluzelle Oracles, which helps projects store dApp data in a decentralized manner while storing and referencing historical prices, can be used to power a wave of Polkadot apps. And Bluzelle Decentralized storage system eliminate the need for centralized data storage centers.

Polkadot founded by Dr. Gavin Wood is a next-generation blockchain protocol that connects multiple blockchains into one network.

Web3 Foundation funds research and development teams building the technology stack of the decentralized web. It was established in Zug, Switzerland by Ethereum co-founder and former chief technology officer Dr. Gavin Wood And Polkadot is the Foundation’s flagship project.

Polkadot enables cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data or asset, not just tokens. Connecting to Polkadot gives you the ability to interoperate with a wide variety of blockchains in the Polkadot network, Bluzelle will help store the data shared in a secured and Decentralized form .



Bluzelle headed by Pavel Bains is a decentralized database service for dApp developers. To ensure developers get the
highest output in terms of performance, reliability and scalability.
Bluzelle enables Dapps to store data in a place that is decentralized,mutable and tamper-proof . Providing scalability, availability and high privacy.

Bluzelle handles 10,000 TPS and is a delegated proof of stake. Bluzelle’s defi solutions are being developed to enhance Defi with historical price feeds, provide data analytics, 360-degree views, and more.


The decentralized system and DApps is seeing substantial growth, there’s significant potential for developing truly innovative solutions for this system .

Polkadot enables a large communication of varieties of Blockchains. And enables cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data. And in this there is need for security and availability . Bluzelle Partnership with Polkadot will bring this solution while advancing Bluzelle’s goal of becoming the de facto data layer for Web3.







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