Let’s talk about Arbisphere!

Wisdom Oguzie
2 min readMar 27, 2023

Arbisphere is an innovative launchpad. Here’s their background, what they do, and how to get ready for their products.

Arbisphere was created with the intention of being released on the Cronos Chain under the name “Cronos Launcher.” However, due to the foundation’s significant delay in deciding on their grant request, the team decided to change their name to Arbisphere and launch Arbitrum in March 2023.

Why is arbitrum used?

Arbitrum is currently the dominant player in all Layer 2 networks, accounting for more than half of the L2 market.


Arbitrum can be used to do everything that Ethereum can, such as using Web3 apps and deploying smart contracts.


Arbitrum is a Layer 2 blockchain that was created to scale Ethereum. It is an optimistic roll-up protocol with Ethereum-level security.


Arbitrum transactions are cheaper and faster than Ethereum transactions because of lower transaction costs.


Increase throughput by relocating contract computation and storage away from the main Ethereum chain.

What exactly is Arbisphere?

Arbisphere is proposed as a complete launch zone, with a section for IDOs as well as a DEX, a DAO, two NFT collections, and real yields planned for the future. Let’s take a closer look at each of these items.


The Arbisphere Launchpad, which will be available in March 2023, will allow projects that want to launch their own token on Arbitrum to do so in a secure and resonant manner. In order to become the premier incubator and accelerator on Arbitrum, Arbisphere promises to handpick the projects that will be hosted on its launchpad.


The Launchpad will host its second launch, that of $SPHERE, the native token of Arbisphere’s DEX, a few weeks after the launch of $ARSH. SPHERE-USDC, SPHERE-ETH, ARSH-ETH, ARSH-USDC, pairs like ETH-USDC, WBTC-USDC, and the 3pool USDC-USDT-DAI will be the first farms of this DEX.


Arbisphere will be increasingly controlled by its DAO, which will be made up of xARSH holders, i.e. those who have locked ARSH for at least 30 days, according to the team’s intention.

Burns and NFTs

Arbisphere intends to launch two collections of NFTs that will guarantee boosts in farms and help decrease the circulating ARSH in order to expand the areas and benefits of its tokens.

High-yielding casinos

The DAO will decide which casino games will be included in the ecosystem in the future. The use of these games will generate revenue and support the tokens through real yield while also reducing their supply through burns.

More infomation on Arbishpere

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